Follow-up: My Exit

Well, as I should have expected, my exit process is not yet complete. I think I'd heard before that there's some mandatory waiting period (mandatory, that is, if you haven't specifically asked for the process to be expedited. Whoops.). So I didn't get my "diploma" by my 30th birthday. Instead, though, the bishop I met with sent me a letter to acknowledge the process. I thought that was nice.

Too lazy to scan right now, but here's the text:
Dear Sister Simplysarah,
Re: Request for Name Removal

Following your request for your name removal from the records of The CoJCoLDS we met to discuss your decision. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings concerning your membership.

We acknowledge your request for name removal and your request is being acted upon.

Thank you for your years of dedicated teaching and the good that you have done in service to others. Thank you also for the pleasant interview we had. We part as friends and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

I bolded the last part, because it meant a lot to me that he would acknowledge and thank me for my years of service. I really did give a lot.

In other news, I've decided to try again to post on my old (original) blog - for Mormons & non-Mormons alike. I've just deactivated the comment feature to avoid public debates about my life choices. Feel free to stop by.

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Andrew said...

Glad that went smoothly. I suspect that there would not be as much post-mormon angst and attitude if more members of the LDS church gave such a gracious parting....